L'Osteria dell'oca - Entrata dalla piazzetta del Cavallo Bianco

The Osteria dell'Oca, whose entrance is located on the ground floor of the building, unlike the Ristorante Cavallo Bianco which was on the first floor, takes up three floors and consists of several rooms and dining rooms, an open kitchen, as well as, in the summer, a lovely terrace and outdoor patio.

L'Osteria dell'oca - Oca con tavola imbandita

During the summer, the outdoor patio tables, placed in the vicinity of the interior gardens of the historic center, are much sought after and therefore, we recommend their reservation.

L'Osteria dell'oca - Fresco dehors estivo

The underground rooms are characterized by a particular atmosphere. The first room, fully air conditioned, used as the restaurant room, is located on the 1st underground floor where some Roman remains can actually be seen. The second room, used as a "cave a vins" cellar, is located on the 2nd underground floor. Both are quite charming rooms with "exposed stone" walls.

L'Osteria dell'oca - Sala sotterranea

The history of this room can be breathed through its walls and furnishings. In every corner of the room the Oca’s common thread is represented by an infinite number of objects, paintings and statuettes of the cute “goose”.

L'Osteria dell'oca - Particolare dell'oca con in vini